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Arthur/Gwen Stills
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General Rules
• You do not need to be a member to enter, but we encourage you to join the comm to keep up to date with challenges and voting.
• Submissions must meet LiveJournal size standards: no bigger than 100x100 pixels (40KB).
• Submissions must meet the specifications as outlined per challenge.
• Entries must use images provided unless otherwise stated.
• Animation is not allowed. This is a stills community.
• Use of brushes, textures, gradients, etc. is allowed. Please ensure you credit your source when submitting.
• Do not post your work elsewhere, or indicate to anyone which may be yours until after voting is complete.
• Entries must be new works based around the prompt, made within the challenge's 7 day period.
• Comment with your icon, url and link your sources (if any) in the comments of the challenge post. Comments will be screened.
• Artists should assume their icons will be snagged.
Voting Rules

• Participants are encouraged to vote, however you may not vote for your own submission or ask others to vote for yours.
• Vote for your three favourite icons, please bear in mind the following point allocation while voting:
- a first place vote gets 3 pts;
- a second place vote gets 2 pts;
- a third place vote gets 1 pt.
• The iconmaker with the most points wins first place in the challenge, followed by second and third. There will also be a moderator's choice.
• Banners will be presented to the winners shortly after they are announced.
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